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Aslynn Earl


Aslynn (Lynn) Earl is a prominent Philanthropist and Health Advocate committed to empowering young women through education and access to necessary resources. As a graduate of Columbus State University, she holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and has used her knowledge to establish Organic Living and Customs by Lady A, where she creates safe and sustainable feminine products for women from all walks of life. With her comprehensive background in finance, Lynn has made it her life's mission to help women stay informed and healthy.

Lynn is an inspiring leader in the private sector, as well as the founder and executive director of Princess and a Pad, a nonprofit organization devoted to ending period poverty. Lynn has made it her mission to provide organic, plant-based feminine products and school supplies to those in need, so that no young woman has to miss a day of school due to the lack of necessary supplies. Through her tireless efforts, Lynn is helping to create a more equitable world.

Lynn's commitment to empowering young women goes beyond the distribution of essential products. She has also joined many in the fight to end the negative stigma surrounding the menstrual cycle, through her mental, self-love, and menstrual workshops. These workshops are designed to educate everyone about the powerful female reproductive system. Her aim is to empower young ladies to not be ashamed of their body, and how it changes during that time of the month, so that every young lady can live their fullest and happiest life.

Lynn's passion and dedication to the health and well-being of young women has made her a respected figure in her community and beyond. Her work has garnered numerous accolades, and she continues to inspire others through her commitment to social justice and education.

Aslynn Earl
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